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How to Manage Your Stress Effectively?
Simple Tips and Techniques

Living your life in an organised way will save you from the day-to-day nagging stress. You may not find time for all your family and social commitments and this will result in relationship stress in you. If you can get organised in all your life activities, be it your office work or your vacation trip or your family matters, you have put your first step towards avoiding stress. To get yourself organised, you may try the following six tips:


Be Flexible

Be flexible. You will not be compromising on things only when you are flexible. There may be more than one solution for the encountered problem. If you are flexible enough to try out the alternative solution, the act may save you from becoming anxious and depression.

Prioritise Your Job

You should learn to prioritise your tasks. Breaking a big task into smaller one and prioritising the broken down tasks will in fact reduce the challenges involved in completing the job. The most sought after effect will be unfolding the moment you start finishing the smaller tasks one by one based on your prioritised list.

Be Assertive

If you learn the art of saying ‘No’, it will prevent you from taking extra tasks that may take more of your time otherwise. The rule is-Do not say ‘Yes’ when you want to say ‘No’.

Be Realistic

You must set realistic and achievable goals in your life based on your abilities. Making unrealistic goals may result in increased stress in you the moment you fail in accomplishing the goal. In fact, the positive stress involved in achieving the more realistic goal will be the driving force for achieving the next goal.

Delegate Responsibility

You must learn the art of delegating responsibilities. Delegation will save you from the emerging stress. If you have more work at your hand and if you start allocating smaller works to others, it may turn out to be working wonders. You may do this both in your office and at home.

Take Planned Breaks

A planned break, be it for 5 minutes or a vacation for 2 days, will reduce the harmful effects of stress. You may also try the other golden saying-Rest is change of work. Taking a break from your routine will go a long way in boosting your stress resisting capabilities.