3 Quick Little Tips for Fast Stress Relief

Your pulse rate increases, your head pounds, your muscles tense up and suddenly you realize that stress has feared up in your body. This can happen at only time during the day. It takes a longer time for you to cool down than that when stress caught you. Stress and its physical symptom can destroy your physical and mental health. Effective methods of stress relief have to be sought after that can work and are easy and quick. Hence breathe deeply and relax your tense muscles. You are already on your way to stress relief.

Step one: Pin point the source: Is your stress because of your boss or coworker or financial problem that challenges you, or confrontation with a strong willed child? Probably you are over burdened with work on the day which leaves you over whelmed and exhausted. You should recognize the trigger for your tension as a first step for effective stress relief though you have no control over things. It is easy to manage things when you know the cause.

Step two: put it in perspective: Mostly stress causing things suddenly arise and disappear in seconds. Running late in the morning dealing with the mess created by the dog and the kids while going out, are tension ridden and frustrating though they do not alter your life. By condoning and remembering those incidents reduces your stress. You can visualize these challenging moments like picturing yourself on a beach listening to the water or floating in the clouds without a worry.

Step three-talk to yourself:- In these situations of challenge self affirmation is an effective means of stress relief. Tell your self that the traffic jam will thin out soon and the mess you are cleaning up will soon become a thing of the past. Feel strong and smart and that you are game for any challenging task. Try to be kind no matter how your co worker tells upon your nerves. Think about being, kind again and again and quick by distance your self from the scene and situation.

Though stress in an integral part of our lives it should not ruin us. With a few tips for stress relief we can easily over come the minor challenges in life and meet them squarely in face.


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