Few Visible Causes of Workplace Stress

In today's modern lifestyle, workplace stress is a new phenomenon. The nature of work has taken a very dramatic change in the last 50 to 60 years. The change is taking place at a mind-boggling speed and it has not spared even a single profession-and the inevitable part that comes with change is stress. Job stress or professional stress poses a threat to physical health of employees, consequently, affect the health of organisations.

The conditions in your work place can cause job-related stress in you, which in turn affect your work performance and your well being. Your job-related stress may even lead to your physical or mental illness and may lead you to seeking psychiatric consultations.

The signs of job stress will vary from person to person. The given list may enable you to have an insight about job related stress.

* Absenteeism

* Loss on concentration

* Extreme anger and frustration

* Physical illness such as stomach problems, back ache, migraine head aches

* Depression

There may be varied reasons for job stress and they may be even complex. Some of the visible causes of work place stress are:

High Demand for Performance

Increased workload with long working hours, demand for your peak level performance and unrealistic expectations will result stress in you. All such stressors will drain your energy both emotionally and physically.


The management, after introduction of computers, starts expecting a high level of productivity from you. You will also be forced to perform at your peak performance level. You will also be stressed out in learning a new technology.

Job Insecurity

Due to economic transformations and to compete with the emerging global trend, most of the existing staff are facing job insecurity. Downsizing and Merger has become a major stressor.

Workplace Culture

Making yourself adaptable to the new work culture such as dress code, hierarchy, new systems and procedures may act as your stressors and they may be intensely stressful.

Personal and Family Problems

You may tend to carry your personal problems to your office and vice versa resulting in your failure both at office front as well as at home front.

So, it is necessary for you to correctly identify the work-related stressors and learn the art of overcoming them so as to have a pleasant life.


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