Creative Visualisation - A New Age Therapy in Stress Management

Creative Visualisation is nothing but Positive Imagery. In early seventies, the visualisation technique developed by Carl Simonton helped many patients with cancer and other tumor related complications to take-up and try self-healing process. The positive imagery or creative visualisation tells you how to control your thoughts in a pre designed way so as to bring in the most sought after relaxation within you.

For example, you visualise or imagine you are in a warm beach. You walk along the length of the beach with the waves coming and wetting your feet and retreating back. As the waves retreat back, you will be feeling the sand getting displaced under your feet with a tingling feeling and your feet would have gone an inch within the sand before you can take your feet out to forth your next step. As and when you are experiencing this funny feeling, you may also start realising that your stress has taken a back seat or completely vanished. Yes it is gone!

You can practice visualisation under expert guidance and you can use it for controlling your pain, eliminate your fear psychosis or phobias and even to lower your blood pressure. You should always visualise for the perfect situation, which will enable your performance many fold in the actual situation.

You can try certain of the creative visualisations that are spiritual and uniquely positive. For example, you can pray and leave the troubles to god. As stress is part and parcel of your life, you are bound to live with them, but with a difference. You can think of the effects of a situation where in you can leave all the heavy coins, which are in bagsful, to God and take the paper currency from Him. You are carrying the same value, but with ease now.

You may even experience that as time pass by, the mistakes that you made may turn out to be the correct mistakes and you will get something good out of it. You can visualise the remedies for the worst part of the future happenings, and when you encounter the actual situation, it may not be that hard as you visualised and you will be tiding over the crisis in a breeze.

You can always find the funnier part of any situation and keep them handy for making the effects of the situation a little lighter and you may even have courage to confront the actual situation head on. You would have heard of an interview for the post of a Gang man in railways conducted with the prospective applicant. The story goes like this.

The question was how the applicant will be able to stop an oncoming train when he has found a damage in the rails?

The applicant replied: I will wave the red flag and try to stop the train.
Interviewer: You do not have any red flag and it is night?
Applicant: I will use red light.
Interviewer: You do not have a red light or it is having a fused bulb?
Applicant: I will run in the direction and try to stop the train.
Interviewer: You have strained leg and you cannot run fast and the time is too short?
And the interview went on like this for some time and all the probable answers of the applicant were countered with a negative one.
Finally the applicant answered: I will go and bring my younger brother.
Interviewer: How your brother will stop the train?
Applicant: No sir. My brother has not seen any train accident so far.


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