Auto Suggestion for Stress Relief

Your attitude makes your life either difficult one or a pleasant one. If you are a perfectionist, you tend to see and do things to the minutest level. It may be acceptable if you are in a profession, which demands a high level of accuracy such as Surgeons, Pathological labs or aeronautical jobs. Your perfectionism will steal your productive time and it will act as a stress inducer. You should learn to cultivate positive attitudes, which in turn drive away your negative attitudes.

Autosuggestion, otherwise called positive suggestion, is capable of developing positive attitudes in you. Many hypnotists have established the curative power of autosuggestion with patients. The power of cure lies not in the capabilities of the hypnotist but with the patient. You need not seek the help of a hypnotist, if you can invoke the power of autosuggestion within you by yourself.

Autosuggestion is designed to tap your mind’s hidden and unconscious power. Autosuggestion will put you in right frame of mind. For example, if you are made to practice autosuggestive phrase “Every day and in every way, I am getting better and better”, the power of the phrase will enable you to get rid of your many ailments such as Asthma, Dermatitis, etc.

In autosuggestion, you will be creating a positive attitude and favourable atmosphere. In autosuggestion, you keep framing all positive combinations in your mind. It is like repeating your performance and each and every time, your performance will take you to a near success environment.

For example, if you autosuggest your upcoming presentation with some soothing music playing in the background, in the real situation you will be actually repeating what you have practiced in mind and it will turnout to be the best performance. So, when you start practicing autosuggestion for all your tasks, especially for your tougher tasks, you will be in a positive frame of mind and in better position to handle stress.

Stress lies in the eyes of the beholder. You may well appreciate that a stressful situation for you may not be a stressful situation at all for another person. If you can analyse things in the right perspective, you can come to a conclusion that your opinion alone made you to feel the stress. You can start autosuggestion that you can also handle the situation in a meaningful way so as to avoid stress. The key of your efficiency lies on your doing the job at hand.

Through autosuggestion, you can focus all your energies and attain perfection. All your energies will get deposited in your subconscious mind and will act as a powerhouse. You can use autosuggestion not only for your stress management, but also for any of your day-to-day activities, which may require your full-fledged involvement and energy.

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