5 Helpful Tips for Stress Reduction

We cannot survive without a reasonable amount of stress but it is not seen as an absolute necessity for our survival. Inability to cope with stress exhausts us and we get drained out. It is then we look for help desperately to reduce stress. Here are a few helpful tips to reduce stress that can benefit you.

Breathe deeply

Deep respiration the base of stress relief renders the body de-stressed and restored. Our normal breathing pattern is shallow specifically when we are under stress r suffering from health complications. Our shallow respiratory activity does not allow the required amount of oxygen to our body and brain. This inadequacy of oxygen directly affects our immune system adversely.

Deep breathing clears our body, mind and soul besides being a great stress reduction technique. Hence practice deep breathing during your stressful situations instead of talking to others. Diaphragmatic breathing purifies our internal organs with the power of curative air namely oxygen.

Practice meditation

An excellent mode for stress relief and reduction is meditation which is considered as relaxation induced prayer. Choose a quiet and calm place to realize the efficacy and power of silence and tranquility. Though many ancient cultures and religious advocate meditation, at present, it is widely used as a relaxation technique for distressed people.

Guided imagery

Many psychotherapists prefer guided imagery as one of the most useful stress reduction tools. The mind body link can be established by utilizing the guided imagery technique. It is a unique stress relieving technique to reduce stress related symptoms connected with different health complications like insomnia, hyper tension and others.

Speak to sub conscious: Ultimate wisdom dawns on us only through our sub conscious mind, an internal spiritual power with which we are blessed by the Almighty. But it is rather difficult for all to recognize this in their life time. Practice relaxation technique along with deep respiratory process. Slow down your breathing as you approach deep state of consciousness. Prayer is another effective means to speak to the sub conscious with high self awareness and less stress experience.

Positive affirmation: Stress is the emotional reaction of the individual. It changes the chemical balance in the body. So altering the emotional impact on the body and mind can bring down the stress. Under the impact of stress we perceive our feelings, in a negative manner, which again heighten our anxiety and stress. So positive self affirmation, by avoiding negative messages to ourselves can assist us to cool down. Positive self talk is the best thing for distressing yourself.


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