Can You Imagine A Childhood With Stress and Depression

All of us consider childhood to be one of the most worry-free stages in our lives. Have you anytime thought of rewinding your life with a remoter control to go back into those carefree times? You don’t have to worry about any bills, going to work, society or even about how interesting your day would be. But the fact is that stress and depression does not leave children behind.

Surroundings Matters

Children fall victim to emotional stress and often fail to express it in the right way. Throwing tantrums could be one of their tools to express stress. Divorce in parents, financial disruption, learning disabilities, physical or sexual abuse, negligence could be some of the very few known causes of childhood stress. Children tend to feel helpless when they are unable to cope with the stressful and depressing situations. This can alter their thoughts and can bring negative perception about everything they experience in their lives, even after growing into adults. To top it all, academics and peer pressure can drastically affect a child’s stress level making him feel stressed and depressed at such a young age.

It Could Be Inherited Too!

Children can also inherit stress and depression from adults and is actually caused by a chemical disorder in the brain. Most of parents are ignorant about the fact that stress and depression can also affect children. They consider the transition to be natural as it happens in all stages of growth. But it is very important for all of us to understand that childhood stress and depression is not very different from the stress experienced by an adult. This form of stress can harm the mental thought of a child making him or her deeply upset.

The End Result

Distress is what most of the children experience as a result of childhood stress and depression. If the condition is not curtailed in the initial stage the child may develop mood swings and other psychological and physical disorders just like any adult. Anxiety, frustration, hopelessness and detest penetrates deep inside such young minds causing low self-esteem. This has a really bad effect on the child’s academic performance. The child suffering from stress and depression tends to confine himself into a monotonous routine.

What Is Our Role

The main challenge as an adult is to understand our child’s problem. In fact we can help our child cope with stress and depression in many ways. Adequate knowledge about stress and depression affecting children makes it easy for us to identify the signs in our children. This can help us give them a timely guidance in the initial stage itself.

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