Checkout These 4 Great Stress Relievers

A bio psychological response to mutations in environments, stress is a part and parcel of our day to day existence. While some stress is indispensable in life for positive action too much of it is dangerous, avoidable and life threatening. Stress relievers therefore are the need of the hour, to help people get relief from stress and lead calm and peaceful life. Here is some information regarding four great stress relievers which can bring you happiness and calm.

Guided imagery

The best among natural relievers, guided imagery is so effective that health care organizations adopt it as an important tool of their treatment policy in reducing stress. Using this guided imagery therapists extend to their clients the maximum state of relaxation. After this maximum state of relaxation the clients reach the subconscious level the ultimate form of true wisdom. This helps them in reducing stress.

Self hypnosis

Another precious mind tool which helps to overcome fear, anxiety and mitigates stress is the most effective natural stress reliever self hypnosis. Like guided imagery this tool also provides maximum stress relief. Hypnosis is very effective when you fight against life style problems, especially addiction. Self hypnosis learnt from the professionals can be applied to solve personal stress problems.

Autogenic training

One of the most beneficial stress relievers today, preferred by most therapists is autogenic training. This technique reverses the fight or flight response through a level of meditation and a high level of self awareness with the main goal of relaxation. In other words autogenic training reverses the reaction of stress and so is one of the most effective stress relievers in both short term anxiety and long term chronic stress responses. This has a curing effect on irregular bowel syndrome.

Journaling technique

Journaling technique is effective in self exploration and building self knowledge. It helps the individual to explore and examine his own feelings and thoughts sin relation to different changing incidents in life. Applying journaling technique the person expresses his inner most feelings and cognitive responses as confronted with in different stressful events. Besides, being the best stress reliever, journaling technique is also a great problem solving tool as one can easily analyze his own reaction to certain environmental stimuli.


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