Definitions Of Stress – Giving It A Distinct Name

Stress can be defined as a reaction of our body to a given situation that can be corrected by making minor alterations in our physical or mental condition. Anger, frustration and anxiety are some of the reactions that our body emits while under stress.

Stress can be experienced everywhere especially at one’s workplace or even at home. We can also define stress as a change in our environment that can cause an imbalance in our mental and physical state. The change can be an alteration of an event or an alien event by itself.

Stress can be defined otherwise too. Stress are man made or natural factors present in the environment to which people respond, learn and become confident to such events. It is often considered negative but for a few, stress is an exposure that provides them with more challenges to grow intellectually. Many people find stress to be motivating and helping them keep up with the changing times. But frequent exposure to stress may not prove good for our health as it can invite many mental and physical disorders, even leading to break downs.

Many other definitions of stress exists one of which notes stress to be a troubled reaction of the body to a given condition. Stress is nothing but overburdening of pressure and worries that ultimately stimulate many mental and physical ailments. But in most of the definition you will notice that it is never stated as a destructive factor. Individuals can learn from the episode and mature from past experiences. It also teaches us to adapt ourselves to the changing environment to achieve higher goals.

Ways To Relieve Stress

Extreme exposure to stress can be harmful and the definition of stress puts forward the theory of getting relieved by the condition to perform better. Taking regular breaks, occupying one in productive activities like sports, kindling creative hobbies, meditating or consulting a psychiatrist are some of the stress relieving methods where you also benefit from expressing things your way.

Other approach to preventing stress is to take life as it comes and avoid bringing work home. Do not forget to take some time off your work and routine to enjoy other things that can keep your mind relaxed and calm. Even though the definition speaks of stress being an environmental factor it should never stop you from being exposed to other activities in the world.


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