Do You Know How To Manage Work Place Stress

Business and individual employee are adversely affected by workplace stress. Increased workplace stress tells upon the emotional, personal safety and financial domains and threatens them. As present day work is more demanding, there is an increasing level of stress on workers ranging from the normal to the excessive.

A variety of sources engender work place stress among them are work specific hazard, physical environment, organizational practices, change in workplace, dilemma in international relationship etc. Irrespective of this poor coordination and ineffective communication play a significant role in triggering workplace stress.

Workplace stress management involves two inter related but distinctive perspectives. One can be used by the employers or manager of the organization. The other one can be taken up by the employees themselves in general. Cooperation between the two wings is absolutely essential for stress reduction at the work place.

From the employer’s perspective

Two techniques should be employed to reduce stress. The first is stress management training program for the employees and manages. The second one is to improve the working conditions within the organization set up. Besides stress management training, training for Employee Assistance Program can be offered.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) centers on helping the worker in his personal and organizational problems. A change in the organization has a long lasting impact on stress reduction. An effective communication with employees may be very effective in dealing with the required changes required to be met in an organization.

An effective communication must contain a clear definition of the employee’s role and responsibility in a given job, consulting with employees and offering them a leeway to take decision concerning their job role. It can also include praising good performance and providing opportunity for career development and establishing zero tolerance harassment policies.

From employee’s perspective

For many employees lack of the quality to stand up for themselves is the main cause for workplace stress. It is necessary for an employee to ask for a detailed jopb description together with his role and responsibilities before he takes up his job or assignment. If you undergo excessive work place pressure, you better change it before you are harmed by it.

A number of people behave in some self defeating manner. Don’t promote perfectionism while managing co workers. Actually perfectionism may affect your own work performance adversely. Maintain your work schedule always. Don’t lag behind the time frequently. Totally avoid negative thinking. Always encourage and promote your own abilities and that of others equally to lead a stress free and calm life.


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