Does Stress Cause Seizures? Myth or Truth

Stress being a condition that puts physical and mental pressure on individuals, causes different results in different people depending on different kinds of stress. People are not sure if stress can cause seizures. Stress is of different shapes and forms and some forms of stress are positive and motivate people to excel and achieve.

There are many reasons for seizures. A person with epilepsy is at a loss to know the reasons for the seizures that follow. People want to probe in to the stress that triggers seizures. Many doctors and professionals acknowledge the fact that stress causes seizures. Traditional medicine or herbal remedies provide the much wanted relief.

Stress causing seizures the reality

Epilepsy that affects many people all over the world is a seizure, that can attack at any time for no know reason. Epilepsy is a neurological disorder with recurring seizures. A few medications help in managing seizures and being down the risk of seizures that attack at random.

Many research studies point out that epilepsy in a person is related to his anxiety and other mental pressures. This is because stress or mental pressure so over loads the brain that it affects his neurological state. Hence it is an established and glaring fact that stress is the builder of seizures. It is not at all a myth as some people claim it to be.

People with epilepsy, therefore, should do well to keep their stress level lower than that of others. Seizures when triggered, attack not only the physical frame but mental plane also. Seizure affected people, unconsciously bang their body and head on hard things that injure them badly later. A few suffer bruises, cuts, wounds, and even concussion of brain.

It is difficult to manage stress for people with epilepsies employed in stressful areas and companies. Drugs play a significant role in relieving such people from stress. Stress responsible for seizures should be dealt with properly as it has become a way of life and inherent in our day to day work and existence.


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