Does Stress differ for Gender

The two genders normally operate in different social contexts, and personality traits and emotional dispositions are always different. The anxiety levels and the stressors are quite different for genders and accordingly the coping mechanisms for different stress situation also will vary accordingly.

Stress in Men

As a male, much of your depression or stress arise out of your self-nurtured identities, which is related to your professional status. You can identify this by the reply you normally give whenever a person asks you who you are. You will be replying such questions as, I am a Doctor, I am a Lawyer, and all the answers will be related to your profession.

As a man, your work place stress can have an extreme consequence on you. Lack of information or uncertainty in workplace will cause high levels of stress. Uncertain situations may be like receiving inconsistent and vague instructions, or not clear about your career development plans, or your idea about what your boss or other people will think of your abilities.

As a male you cannot escape from the 'Midlife Crisis' which is like a male menopause and this will occur between the age of 35-50. The telltale signs of your midlife crisis are changes in your attitude and behaviour. This phase comes when you have reached a level in your career. You may even feel that you have climbed the ladder only to reach the wrong side of the wall.

Stress in Women

As a woman in this modern world, you have to a lot of balancing between home and workplace and between social and personal requirements. The conditions in your home, the conditions in your workplace, the roles that you have to play because of your gender, your parenthood, your menopause are all stressors in your life as a woman.

As a mother, the stark reality is that you have to handle majority of the parental responsibility, educational and emotional care of your children. You will be even wondering at the quantity and quality of leisure time that you have when compared with that of your spouse's time.

The major stressor in your life as a woman, is the menopause stage. During this stage you will go through a lot of worry, emotional suppression, great levels of anxiety and great level of physical and mental agony. During menopause you will be experiencing mood swings, lack of sleep, emotional upset due to the uncomfortable truth such as loss of fertility and sexual capabilities. Besides your own gender specific stressors, the 'Midlife Crisis' of your spouse will be an added stressor, which you have to cope with.


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