Effective Stress Busting Formulae

Interestingly, the stressors or your stress inducing thoughts themselves can be converted as stress busting formulae. Here, you can see few of formulae, which can help you to bust your stress.


Your positive mind set lead to your healthy living. Laughter is doubly contagious and with your cheerful disposition will instantly light up any situation in your favour. Your laughing, in fact, relaxes your otherwise tense muscles and also releases a bunch of hormones that act as stress reliever.

Laughter is capable of curing many of the emotional disorders and hence the reason for more number of Laughter Clubs in city. You can convert a stressful situation as an enjoyable one with the help of laughter and achieve the results meant out of the situation.


Whether you like it or not, stress will slowly creep into you without even your identifying it. Stress causes tension in your muscles and lead to aches. The accumulated stress in your body will try to escape through your weakest organs or mind. If it escapes through your heart, you end up in heart problem. And if it escapes through your mind, you end up in emotional imbalance.

Exercises such as walking, aerobic exercises, cycling, swimming relaxes your muscles and reduce stress in you and its related effects.


In your work place, due to sheer pressure of work, you will feel like exploding when you are not able to cope with the stress. You must take to vacation before stress takes its toll on you.

You should take a break from your daily routine once in six months so as to get unwound both physically and emotionally. You can go on trekking or go to a beach resort, which is away from your work place. Choose a place which is not even remotely connected to your work atmosphere. Switch off your mobile. Let the break unwind you completely.

Muscle Relaxation

Stress provokes your thought process and result in muscle tension. If you learn the technique of deliberately heightening the muscle tension and relaxing it, you will be in position to de-stress.

Tense your various muscles and relax them. For tensing your neck, hold your both hands clasping behind your neck. Press hard your head against the clasped hands, Release the tension and repeat for three times. Now relax. For tensing your shoulder muscles, hold your fist with other hand and tense the shoulder muscles and release tension. Repeat and relax for three times.

You have to tense all your body muscles in systematic way and release the tension. After each and every tensing cycle relax your muscles after a count of ten. You can start feeling relaxed after the exercise and be more agile to do take up your regular tasks.


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