Eluding Signs of Stress

An age-old saying is that if you know you are shouting you are not the shouter. Is it possible for you to apply this phenomenon in stress management? In other words, if you know that you are under stress, then whether stress can be managed? The answer is yes only when you know that you are under stress. For the seeing the signs of your stress you should step out and able to see you by being away from you.

You are in your office at one of the peak hours of duty. Suddenly you feel exhausted and run down. You think for a while and link the reason to your missed early morning coffee or your partaking of lesser than your usual quantity of your breakfast or the new effective cholesterol control tablets that has been prescribed three days back. Be rest assured, you are under severe stress.

As said earlier, you should practice to step out of you and see you or listen to you. You may even find that recently you have started tapping your feet. It is fine if you link that to the new channel music installed at your office. If you still do occasional tapping in the absence of music, then it is a sure sign of stress in you.

Another sure sign of stress in you is the irritability. If you can recall the number of occasions you got irritated and if this number seems to be more than the previous week's figure, then you are under stress. If you can sit quietly in a place and analyse things, you may be able to identify few occasions where in you exploded even for seemingly trivial matters. Normally, irritability and exploding goes hand in hand and they are the eluding signs of stress in you.

Of late, you would have noticed that you had lost or put on weight. More than the loss of weight, weight increase is more associated with stress. When you sit for eating your breakfast or lunch, you take each mouthful of food, chew it and gulp. In the process, you secrete saliva that get mixed with your food and reach your stomach. As saliva is a combination of digestive juices, it trigger a 'stomach full' feeling after you have taken your regular quantity.

When you are in stress, you may not be chewing your food consciously, and gulping them a little fast. In the process, you will not be giving your salivary glands a chance to secrete enough saliva, which is responsible for triggering the 'hunger satisfaction' feeling. Eventually, you end up in eating more with a chain reaction of gaining weight.

Suspiciousness, a helpless feeling, more than your normal level of degree of risk taking are also few of the eluding signs of stress. You may not even aware of these signs unless some one points out this to you. If you want to know these signs by yourself, you should practice to observe yourself without attaching and pre-conceived notions.


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