How Stress is related to Physical health

It is a well-established fact that most of your mind-body disorders are caused mainly by stress. Immediate disorders like anxiety, anger, nervousness and sleeplessness can all result in chronic health conditions and are likely to affect your immune and cardiovascular system.

Though research findings say that your chances of getting cardiovascular ailments due to stress is only 50 percent, you cannot just ignore the telling effects of stress on your nervous system. In response to your stress level, your body releases a host of chemicals/hormones, which are potentially harmful for your heart. These released molecules prevent your body system from clearing the most deadly Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL), which in turn start affecting your heart.

In response to your daily stress, you are bound to have a high palpitation and increased blood pressure resulting in slow injury to your heart muscles and coronary artery. Exercise and vigorous physical activity will place a demand on your heart muscles, and in the event of your resorting to high physical activity, you are prone to angina or heart attack as you will be exerting pressure on your already weakened heart due to stress.

When you are exposed to severe stressful situations, you may tend to resort to smoking and drug abuse. By resorting to these, you will be caught in a vicious cycle and end up in sleeping disorder or eating disorders that may result a heart condition in you.

Normally, the effects of acute or chronic stress precipitate as high blood pressure in you. When you are experiencing stress, your body system will produce a chemical by name cortisol and the same is released into your blood. It is an established fact that this cortisol is capable of affecting your immune system and even may make you diabetic.

Your body is having a natural immune system, which will take care of you from the invading viruses and bacteria on an ongoing basis. During your stressful time, your body immune system may get a beating and this will result in an unchecked and greater activity of the viruses present in your body. The situation will become worse, if you are already taking any treatment and the treatment will be made in effective if you are exposed to stress.

Your exposure to frequent stressful conditions will make you more vulnerable to diseases like Asthma, Bacterial infections, impetigo (one type of skin ailment), mild attacks of flu and pneumonia. In your severe stressful conditions, the blood circulation to your stomach is reduced by the system and this will precipitate as indigestion. Such gastro-intestinal problem will lead you to having ulcer and other related complications.

In an advanced world of today, you must learn to know the stress induced complications and learn to cope with stress and live a healthy life.


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