How to Relieve the Stress in Teens

Your teenaged children are in no way different from other adults in getting stress. High expectations in academic or other areas, abused or the teenagers who have been deprived of their legitimate childhood experiences or exposures are found to be suffering from stress. As a parent, your unavailability, both physically and emotionally, and the lack of positive coping in you also contribute to the added stressors in your teenaged children.

How to Relieve the Stress

The first and foremost point for you as parents is to identify the signs of stress in your teenaged children. To know the signs of stress you should also have a clear idea about the possible stressors. You should be sensitive to the changes that are happening in your teenaged children and this alone can make you to identify the stress in your children.

Children during their transition from child to pre-adolescence, and from pre-adolescence to adolescence stage suffer from 'Identity Crisis'. You as a parent again should be sensitive to the changes in your teenaged children's behaviour and respond to them positively.

Your teenaged children will experience great stress when you exert your parental pressure for outstanding performance. When your teenaged children cannot rise up to your expectations, then stress will descend on your children. You should have reasonable expectations and try to set manageable goals depending upon the capabilities of your teenaged children.

As parents, you should be very careful that your own stress is not passed on to your teenaged children. You can encourage free relationship with extended family members and helpful neighbours and once your teenaged children know that they can turn to someone for sharing their feelings, then it will be very great relief for their stress.

The present day school systems already cram the students with heavy homework. When this is coupled with your pressure for outstanding performance, the situation can make your children suffer from frustration and experience stress. Hence, you should learn not to over schedule your children and try to spend some reasonably good time with your teenaged children so as to unwind your children's routine and demanding school schedule.

You should also try to educate your teenaged children that 'failing' is very normal and need not be taken to the heart and see that they are not getting bogged down. You can teach your children the need for 'effortless' learning and this will go a long way in reducing the stress among your children.

You should encourage your teenaged children to try new things, learn new skills and drive home the points that mastery takes time, effort and patience.


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