Know the effects of Stress on our Psychology

Most of the psychosomatic disorders are related to psychological stress in individuals. Your exposure to stressful situations may result in a series of emotional symptoms such as personality disintegration, anxiety, distractions (this may lead to accidents), exaggerated thoughts and speech and burnt out feeling.

If you are not in position to cope with the stress, then you are more likely to be affected with sleeplessness and depression. You may be exploding even at inconspicuous matters and start doubting many things. The immediate effect of stress on you will manifest as shortness of breath and anger.

The 0symptoms of stress may at time differ from person to person. In you, stress may leave symptoms like increased level of risk taking, and at the same time bring forth more suspiciousness. It is very important for you to identify the symptoms as they normally escape your attention when you are stressed out.

If you are a person who is conservative and of late if you are taking too much risk, then it may be a telling tale of high stress in you. Even if you consider yourself as a motivated person and in recent times if you have started feeling de-motivated, then the stress has started showing its telling effect on you.

Various systems like nervous systems, endocrine systems, cardiovascular systems and even your thought process system control your body. Any stressful situation will directly affect your above said systems resulting in malfunction leading to psychosomatic disorders. You may even refuse to accept the fact that the stressful situation will hasten the aging process more than its normal process time and you tend to become old quicker and feel run down in energy level.

It is a popular saying that rest can be achieved by change of work. In a stressful situation, despite your believing the above rule, you may tend to feel the fatigue and exhaustion in you, which is nothing but the stress in you. Your continuous exposure to stress may result in increased secretion of adrenaline hormone, which is having an indirect effect on your thought process. More of adrenaline hormone in your blood stream will result in memory loss.

Modern day times demand more understanding about stress and the methods to overcome them. Hence, it is necessary that you should be aware of all possible symptoms of stress in you and take a corrective or remedial measure to overcome the stress in you.


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