Know the Stress Induced Ailments and Emotions

The telling effects of stress vary from person to person. You may feel or act in a particular fashion in a stressful situation, where as, other person may act differently in the same stressful situation. The difference is due to your perception about stress and your ability to handle the stress in particular fashion. Hence, stress induced ailments or emotions also differ from person to person.

Headache / Backache

You tend to get headaches and backaches in severe stress. Under stressful conditions, your mind trigger release of pituitary hormone, and this hormone further triggers release of a host of other hormones to make you to face the situation. These hormones when present in excess in your body, affects the blood circulation. Further the presence of hormones for a long time induces more blood flow to certain body parts and the flow of blood is restricted to heart and brain. And this will result in you getting headaches and even angina.

Neurological Disorder

Your chronic exposure to stress will tell upon your immune system. Stress will tend to affect the oxidants and anti-oxidants level in your body and any alteration in the balance between oxidants and anti-oxidants will result in you getting pathological disorders, neurological disorders and distortion in cell multiplication that lead to cancer.

High Blood Pressure

It is medically proven that your blood pressure will increase to an alarming level when you are under stress. Though high blood pressure is normal with increase in age, any high blood pressure in relation to stressful situation is highly detrimental to your overall health. High blood pressure is also associated with other heart-related conditions. Further, your high blood pressure caused due to stress is also known to affect your natural immune system and leave you emotionally disturbed.

Asthma and Gatrointestinal Disorder

Severe stressful conditions in you will make your airways over-reactive and the same will precipitate as asthma if you are already having problems related to your breathing.

Good supply and your nervous system control your entire intestinal system. Under severe stress, the blood flow to your intestine is restricted which when combined with your disturbed nervous system (emotional disturbance), result in gastrointestinal disorders such as ulcer and irritable bowel syndrome.

The list of stress related disorders is a big one and it varies depending upon your mind set, your position in society, your place of living, etc. It is better you always keep a watch on all your changing symptoms and take corrective steps in time.


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