Learn Few Stress Coping Strategies

You, as a member of society, will always give importance to the opinions formed by people around you. The thought of getting a better opinion, be it you deserve or not, will result in stress in you. More than the opinion, you give more importance to the criticism that makes you anxious and create stress. If you learn how to deal with the criticisms, you may be avoiding the stress and the agony involved.

You should not get offended when someone decides to criticise you. Actually, they may be trying to correct you and may be speaking with good intentions. In the process, they may be even helping you to overcome some of your deficiencies.

If you do not understand other's anger or criticism, you may choose to ask them to explain and they will be more willing to do so. If you are willing to learn from other person's negative comments, they will be willing to explain things in greater detail to your benefit.

You should not take any important decisions when you are under stress. Your thinking process will not be clear under stress, and hence, you may not be able to take a valid or viable decision after weighing the pros and cons.

You may start socialising and be a part of social groups or any interactive communities. This will help you to shed your self-identity and stress. You can share your personal views and experiences, which will pave way for other meaningful activities that may lessen your stress.

If you want to have a sound financial management, then you should plan ahead. You should try to allocate your income in such a way it meets all your expenses with a cushion for unforeseen circumstances also.

If you analyse your time spent on roads travelling to your office or for shopping, you may wonder that it comes to around 20 percent of your daily time. Here, in this sector, you can decide to make your journey a pleasant one by avoiding any heated arguments with the fellow passengers. You can always make your mind to give the benefit of doubt to your fellow road users or motorists. Actually the person behind may be honking the horn for his way and he may be in a hurry to take a person to a hospital. Or the person who is driving slowly before you may actually be sick or very aged person.

You may also choose to travel with a person you like and you may also hear soothing music to lighten your already tense nerves. You also can learn to laugh and in the process, you may be reducing the stress and the detrimental effects of stress.


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