What is Life without Stress

A stress condition is always 'relative' in nature. Any moderate stressful situation will help you to bring out the best from you. You will feel stress in a situation, which is unwarranted, unwelcome and unplanned. Though you may be comfortable in handling situations that are well expected and that gives a time leverage to you, there is no scope for showing your competence and the chance of your standing out from the crowd is remote.

Under stressful situations, your body mechanism produce two hormones namely adrenaline and cortisol. These hormones immediately increase your blood sugar level, which enable you to have a vigorous physical action. These hormones are useful in the short term and can do harm if allowed to remain in your body system for long.

Irrespective of your facing the stressful situation or not, your body will secrete the hormones. And instead of allowing these hormones doing the damage in the event of your flight from the stressful situation, you can channelise the effects to trigger your attitude and strength for taking the stress head on.

In your every day life, some amount of stress is necessary to make you bring out the best from you. For example, if you are taking up an exam, the onset of stress can be effectively utilised to study the lessons. As the stress will demand more of your energy, you can concentrate and make use of your increased short-term energy for studying the lessons.

Your stress response will be triggered more by your perception of the stressful situation rather than the actual stressful situation itself. You may even be able to identify that your response to a particular stressful situation is different from that of your friend's, the reason being that the response to stress differ from person to person.

Through yoga, you can learn to redirect your conscious awareness away from the stress and actually focus on the coping power within yourself in handling stress. Your ways and means of performing under stress will promote your psychological well being and increase your intellectual abilities.

As stress makes your brain to channelise your energies, certain level of stress is good for your better performance. If you are not able to be busy in living, it is much better to be busy dying. You can recognise stress in its sprouting stage itself and you can make better decisions in handling them.

You will be exhibiting your strength only in your endeavour in tacking the tasks along with its involved stress. Your satisfaction or fulfillment level will always be high the moment you complete any tough and challenging task than that of easy tasks devoid of any challenge.

When you start to look forward stress as an opportunity, you will start living your life with a high level of emotional well being and good physical health. In fact, your learning to live or work under stress alone can make you to lead a life free of stress.


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