Little Known Facts About the Origin of Stress Headache

Millions of people are victims of head ache very day sleeplessness and lack of food bring headache in general but a few headaches have origin in darker places and cause a variety of diseases. Though there are pills to cure head aches and their symptoms, regular and daily headaches run people down. Most of these headaches can be termed as stress headaches or tension head aches. 80% of adults suffer from these headaches occasionally. But many men and women cannot remember a day with out head ache.

Searching for relief

Stress headache visits many regularly during the afternoons indicating its chronic nature. Even infrequent headaches for others are very painful. A stress headache is neither hereditary nor a stand alone issue. Most of these headaches are caused by the tightened muscles in the neck, while others cause those muscles to tighten.

All tension headaches have for their common denominator a definite link to environment. As the very name implies stress headache is caused by stress. From family circles to social relationships to work and school, stress burdens the body heavily and as the body breaks, the head feels the first pressure. Daily accumulation of pressure converts infrequent headaches in to the chronic types.

A stress headache, a constant and painful pressure can last from 30 minutes to 24 hours. Migraines cause, throbbing, vomiting and sensitivity to sound and light while tension headaches are not so severe. A stress headache usually causes muscle aches, fatigue insomnia, irritability, disturbed concentration, mild light sensitivity and occasional dizziness. Stress head aches occur during the day but sometime a person wakes up with stress head ache.

Prevention of stress headache is much more significant than using pain relievers. Stress management and therapy are very useful when the problems are solved the headaches will disappear. To be in the realm of chronic tension headaches is unhealthy as the other symptoms are dangerous though head aches themselves are harmless. More stress and more headaches follow lack of sleep and irritability. In this pattern the person is spiraled in to quick and more severe depressions.


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