Maintaining Bio-Clock as a Stress Reliever

In these modern days, stress has stepped in your life as well as all other's lives without any exception. The order of the day is how to take stress in your stride and lessen the effects of stress.

The first and foremost effect of stress on you will manifest as sleep disorder, bowel disorder and perturbation due to the imbalance created in your body clock or bio-clock. You may try to analyse things and you can find that your energy level will be very high and conducive at certain point of time or situation in a day. If you learn and identify that particular time, then you can synchronise those timings with that of your stressful situation to bring out the best out of you.

Depending upon your bio-clock, you will be either active in the morning or in the evening. First, you have to do an exercise and analyse when is your body ambience is at its highest level. You can give a value, say from 1 to 10, to all your ambience level and arrive at a result where in you will be able to identify your potential level of doing things enthusiastically and successfully is high.

Now, you can start evaluating the jobs or tasks before you. Depending upon the importance of the tasks, you can match with your bio-rhythm and start doing the things accordingly. You may start doing things, which require less of your energy levels in your identified lesser bio-rhythm. The bio-clock of any person has got 90-minute cycle and you can keep this point in mind while discharging your duties.

Depending upon your bio-clock, all your daily routines such as sleep, hunger, body temperature, your blood pressure, your ability to perform things-all follow a repeated pattern. All your daily rhythms may exceed slightly more than 24 hours. Hence, you must start practicing to keep all your daily rhythms and you bio-clock to fall within 24 hours.

To maintain your bio-clock you can follow few of the below mentioned practices:

* Never skip break fast.

* Make charts based on your rhythm.

* Be aware of 90 minutes cycle.

* Walk for around 20 minutes in sun and this will help you to reset your bio-clock.

* Do aerobic exercises.

* Allow your body to take the required sleep, which will enable your body and mind to unwind.

Though the list is only illustrative and not exhaustive, you can slowly learn how to maintain your bio-clock and learn to de-stress yourself.


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