Music - A New Age Therapy in Stress Management

Music, be it instrumental or vocal, is nothing but sound energy with varied vibrations that permeates its surroundings. You may like or attracted towards one particular type of music depending upon your level of body vibration. You may like high pitch vibrations, say jazz and others may like mild and intrinsic vibrating sounds like flute.

The science of yoga says that your body is nothing but a bundle of vibrating energy. Hence, a music or sound that is well coordinated to match your level of vibrations can definitely create a healing effect in your body. The sound of music, when well coordinated with your inner vibrations, lets you have a soothing mind and releases the negative energy from your stressed out nerves. You can have an emotional satisfaction whether you perform or listen to music.

For any normal day to day activities, you use your left brain and your right side of brain is the seat of creativity. When you start enjoying any good music, actually you will be switching over to your right hemisphere of your brain and the music will create a tremendous relaxation in you. Again, as the right hemisphere of your brain controls your thought processes, right music vibrations will further enhance the positive thought processes in you.

You might have seen or heard some melodious music flowing out in many offices, lounges of hotels. When you carefully analyse your mind situation before and after your conspicuous realisation of the channel music, you can definitely differentiate the calmness that has descended on you after you have started listening to the music.

Recent therapeutic science says that your brain will be able to get a massaging effect wen you hear music that matches with your vibration and that may be the reason for the wide spread usage of music in stress treatment. Music can also be used in relieving your anxiety and to bring out you from the depressed state.

Under stress all your muscles will become stiff and your listening to music will release the tension from your muscles and relax you. It is a fact that even great singers resort to listening to music from time to time for relieving their stress. If you are not a singer, you can resort to singing and if you are a singer already, you can resort to listening to music for relieving your stress.

When you subject yourself to good quality soothing music, you will develop focus and concentration resulting in setting a deep relaxation in you. You can make it a point to listen to a pleasant music at the end of the day without fail. The music vibration will reduce your metabolism rate and reduce the effects of stress, thereby leading to your physical and emotional well being.

Right from today, you can start listening to your favourite melodies or tunes and start a new beginning to becoming a cheerful and positive person.


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