Sound - A New Age Therapy in Stress Management

Do you know that most of the sounds that you hear will ‘discharge’ the energy from your brain instead of ‘charging’ it? Quiet amazing.. isn't it. Sound therapy is one of the most sought after technique in recent times. Your entire nervous system and the cortex portion of the brain have got latent energy lying in them. Sound therapy actually distributes this latent energy throughout your nervous system in an organised manner. Sound therapy is aimed to relieve the negative effects of stress from you and not the stress situation.

You may be aware that all your memories are stored in your brain as ‘synapses’. Likewise, your energies are stored in your brain as grey nuclei. These nuclei of your brain act as batteries recharging your energy level every now and then. When you are subjected to sound therapy, a varied frequency of sound reaching your brain via your ear activates and releases hitherto untapped energy form these nuclei. The energy travels through your nervous system, relaxes them and restores your original body vibration.

Sound therapy is a simple one. You have to listen to therapeutic sounds in varied frequencies on a good quality audio. You may have to under go this for an hour in a day. The therapist may decide on your length of time depending upon the response.

Apart from the instituted therapeutic sounds, you can also make use of all the natural sounds around you. Mother Nature has given you a variety of rhythmic and soothing sounds. If you sit and begin to hear them, you may be wondering how you overlooked all of them all these days. You might have overlooked the sounds of rustling leaves, sounds of breeze, sounds of a rivulet, gurgling sounds of a cascade, or the chirping of birds. You can sit and allow these sounds to send their resonating notes through your body and you can watch your tensions and worries getting washed away.

Recently, it has been established that reading any material in Sanskrit has got the same soothing effect as that of transcendental meditation. Similarly, if you can listen to Sanskrit slokas or mantras, you need not even know to know the meaning; you will have a soothing effect on your entire body and nervous system.

Through sound therapy you can have an more easier and effective sleep, regain the lost vitality, can have a sense of well being, avoid stress related disorders, can have increased concentration, and lead a meaning full life without the effects of stress.


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