Physiological Effects Of Stress And Stress Management Techniques

Even after a through search in the Internet and all reference books you might not have come across much useful information on the physiological effects of stress. This is because there are still many investigations taking place on the subject leaving only a few facts available for you. But while learning the various physiological effects of stress you will also come to know about the remedies and different stress management techniques, tools and products available for its cure.

A Sign Of Alarm

It makes it important for us to get concerned about the effects of stress as it does not have any age factor and can effect vastly from young to old. Stress can form a concrete base for many physiological, emotional, physical and also mental disorders. A combination of these disorders with psychological effects together can affect a person’s mind and body debilitating his or her activities.

The effect of one or more of the many physiological effects of stress can be life-threatening as these involve the functioning of many vital process and organs of the body. For instance, the physiological effects of stress trigger the unused extra stress hormones to raise the blood pressure level and increase the heart rate. This can directly affect the heart and its various processes causing damage to the arteries and adding more pressure on them.

Moreover stress can cause physiological imbalance making a person less attentive and concentrated while performing a task. This can further cause insomnia or lack of sleep, which is another physiological effect of stress. At this point of time it becomes very critical for us to find some method that can help us cope and manage the condition, even if it does not completely curtail the problem.

You might have noticed many react ‘fight or flight’ to a given situation. The physiological effects of stress can help the human body produce stress hormones called cortisol and adrenaline that can put a person into a fix making him think whether to fight back or to just run away from the situation.

The physiological effect can trigger other biological effects like diversion of blood from less important to vital organs, rise in heart rate and high blood pressure also. And when the body is unable to adjust to these drastic external and internal changes along with other physiological effects of stress it can make a person surrender to stress which can furthermore upset the person.

But still there is some good news to relieve you from stress. Many stress management techniques are available to help you deal with the physiological effects of stress. You just have to select the best suited method to get treated from these ill effects of stress. Besides, to manage the physiological effects of stress you now have a full list of stress management games, products and tools to choose from.


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