Proven Ways to Control Stress

Stress us a universal factor that affects one and all-teenagers, professionals, parents and millionaires. It is a silent and deadly enemy that cannot be condoned. In this fast modern world replete with cut throat competition and obstacles, people neglect the protection of their own bodies and minds. Physical and mental stress causes symptoms when the body is simply over whelmed with sleep.

An internal breakdown, which disrupts external life, is caused by lack of sleep, lack of time, lack of nutrition, and general lack of care. Stress control is the savior of life as it prevents the wear and tear of the body. Stress control should become the daily regimen like exercise. Any stress should be nipped in the bud to prevent its deadly consequences later.

Taming the beast

While stress control is done in many ways, it is the individual who can do it in the safest and best manner. Through self control strategies he can limit anxiety and avoid stress without recourse to outside sources. The simple techniques are: counting ten, taking deep breaths and maintaining a journal. These techniques are considered to move mountains. When you don’t think of a stressful situation, it automatically disappears.

Stress escalates when you cannot escape from it and repeatedly think about the situation to be consumed by it. But a few stresses cannot be controlled by these strategies. You cannot count ten and cure life changing events like death, divorce, moves or job losses. Every day stresses, before they become chronic anxiety, can be safely cured by self control strategies and the body pain relieved.

External stress control methods can be used when events cannot be cured internally. Chronic stress can be dealt with anti depressants or anti anxiety medications until the situation changes soon after returning to normal life they can stop taking medications and carry on their daily routine.

Relationship stress can be tackled through medication and therapy. Couple therapy and family therapy cannot help individuals with stress but it reduces the problems creating stress. Fights and confrontations can be talked out in a controlled manner without allowing it to explode. Therapy, in this regard is both a stress control strategy as well as a stress prevention strategy. Every individual is unique and if he finds a successful self control method he/she will enjoy a better and fulfilled existence.


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