Spirituality as an Effective Stress Relief

Each and every day you will be going through stress number of times. You also try to devise your own ways to tide over stress and your evading search for an effective stress management tool is not over yet.

When all the outward stress busters could not help you in busting your stress in its entirety, you may turn your search towards remedies that can act at 'soul' level. In spirituality, you try to know your true 'self' and realise your inner potential for effective stress management.

Through spirituality, you start to understand more about permanent and transient things in life. You start analysing the significance of all things in relation to its permanency. You also start accepting and appreciating the insignificance of stress and stop worrying. When you pursue spirituality, you tend to drive all empty thoughts of distraction and cultivate a passive attitude.

The best part of spirituality is that you can practice it when you are in office, when you are in home, when you are driving and in any place and time. The passive attitude that you develop during spirituality in fact helps you to channelise all your relaxation responses, and you will have a positive outlook, cheerful and spontaneous in all your actions.

Your mental attitude and strength are the deciding factors for you to identify whether a stressor is really a stressor at all. Through spirituality you start realising your 'self' and start showing a high level of tolerance towards others and towards stressful situations. Again through better tolerance level, your inter-personal relationship will improve both at your office and at your home front.

All the trees reach for sky and their roots penetrating deep in the soil, thus not allowing the strong wind to blow it down. Like a tree, you should keep your head in sky and your feet in earth, meaning that you should not allow your flow of emotions to carry you away from your original ideals.

Pleasure and pain will alternate in your life. Your pain period is nothing but a short interval between two periods of happiness, and your happiness in nothing but a gap between your two phases of pain. So, if you practice evenness of your mind towards your success and failures, your intellect will be unshakable and you can lead a life without getting affected by your stressful situations.

When you start practicing spirituality and its various aspects such as meditation, breathing exercise and yoga, you will be better equipped, both at physical level and mental level, to manage stress. Through spirituality, you come to know more about you and try to grow as a person. You also become more adept and skillful in facing various demanding situations of your life with ease.


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