Stress - Can it be a Positive one

You have treaded your life path till today and you always have an option to look back your life as how you have met the situations, be it demanding or easy. In the process of your memory recall, you may not miss the feeling that, in fact, certain level of stress has indeed improved your performance.

You cannot live a life devoid of any stress. In today's modern life, stress has become an integral part of your life and it all depends how you comprehend the situation as stressful or not. In fact, little stress is needed to bring out the best from you. If you can identify the level of stress, which has brought the best performance from you, then you can term it as positive stress.

Whenever you are ready to do a work that has been designated to you, your mind recognises the job involved and prepares you to meet the demand by secreting the hormones that will rev up your overall capabilities to do the job. Actually, the hormone that is secreted by your pituitary gland will trigger a chain of reactions and enable your body to secrete other related hormones. These hormones increase the heart rate, which in turn pumps the blood with increased rate there by vitalising all your organs with more blood and energy.

A certain level of hormones is necessary for you to function in a demanding situation. The level of hormones secreted is directly proportional to the feel or your perception to the situation. The more you feel stressed about a job or situation, the more will be the secretion of hormones. These hormones when remain in your body for a long time can do the harm and are capable of affecting your health in various methods.

Actually, the hormones are responsible for doing the damaging act more than the stressful situations itself. So, if you can learn the act of tactful perception about a stressful situation, you can effectively control the level of hormone secretion in your body, which in turn makes you to perform more without any harmful effects of stress.

Any situation is perceived as a stressful one or not at your mind level. If you can perceive the stress as a positive one, you will be in a better position to perform well. For example, a little stress during your examination can make you more concentrated in your studies and enable you to assimilate many things in a shorter time.

Some stress is necessary to drive you and the level of stress becomes negative only when you are not capable of handling it. You may come across situations where in different people might have performed differently in the same stressful situations. This is because of the perception of the individual about the situation. If you can take the stress involved as a positive one, you will be in a position to put your best efforts and give a fantastic result.


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