Which Stress Condition needs Medication

Stress has become an integral part of your life and you will be experiencing stress throughout your life in varied degrees. Standard medication is not prescribed for your normal daily stress such as those caused by your family related issues or your office atmosphere. You cannot have a life without stress and hence the stress is always looked at 'stress management' perspective rather than 'stress removal' perspective.

The sudden and severe stress conditions that may arise in you due to catastrophic events such as death of dear ones or shocking accidents may need immediate medication. You may be prescribed with anti-depressant medicines for a short period to help you to come out of the shock first. As these anti-depressant drugs always come with side effects such as drowsiness, doctors take extra care before subjecting you to drugs based on your condition.

When you are under severe stress, you are bound to have head aches due to tense muscles and due to drop in blood circulation to head. The classic symptom of such type of tension headaches will be that you will be feeling the pain in your scalp and face. Only when you are suffering from such type of tension headaches, you will be prescribed with anti-depressant drugs.

Your body is made up of elements derived from the five elements of Mother Nature. In other words, all the elements found in nature are also found in your body. Hence, if you have mind-body constitution that is in consonance with nature, you are bound to have a physical and psychological wellness.

Certain ayurvedic and herbal medicines without any side effects are advocated for bringing back your mind-body metabolism balanced with nature. When such therapy is combined with stress management therapy, the same is bound to bring back your original, pink state health.

Your body is made up of three Doshas namely Vaatham, Pittam and Kabham. All these doshas are also present in nature. A range of ayurvedic and herbal drugs is found to be very effective in reducing the stress related anxiety and depression without any side effects.

All these doshas mentioned will be constantly interacting within your body and with the nature. The stress that you develop will try to alter the balance in doshas present in your body, and the mismatch between your doshas and those doshas in nature will make you sick.

All the three doshas maintain your metabolic activities. Certain ayurvedic and herbal drugs are advocated for maintaining your three doshas, which in turn maintain your mind-body metabolism in its pristine state.

As most of the anti-depressant drugs are misused and abused rather than used, you should not resort to self-medication. Always consult your doctor for treatment for any of your stress related problems.


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