Symptoms of Stress – When to Worry and What to Do

In between our jobs and soccer practice and all other home chores stress is an normal part of daily life. Stress is good while it motivates and respects a dead line in finishing a commitment or respond to an emergency. But too much of stress has an adverse and devastating impact on your physical, mental and emotional state. You have to manage stress before it takes over your mental, physical and emotional state. So the first step is to know the symptoms of stress, the time to worry and what to do to manage your tension and anxiety.

Physical symptoms of stress

First symptoms are muscle tension, head aches, back aches and digestive troubles, sleeping difficulty, or loss of sex drive, abnormal and severe ache breakouts on the skin. In a few cases, stress causes increase in illness like frequent colds or worsening allergy. Stress also induces chest pain or palpitation of the heart. Weight loss or gain may also result as stress decides what and how you eat.

Emotional symptoms

Emotional symptoms of stress are more debilitating than physical symptoms. Depression, is common in chronic stress as over whelming emotions take control over you. Moodiness, edginess and quick temper signal stress, tenseness and an inability to relax effectively. Impatience restlessness and lack of concentration are also signs of stress. Your isolation from others over loading with day to day work leads to poor judgment and memory lapses which add to the stressful situation already.

Weighing your options

An identification of these stress symptoms will tell you what to do to manage them and get rid of them once and for all. There are many ways to get relief from these uncomfortable and frustrating symptoms of stress. Relaxation techniques and healthy life style can arrest the tension and calm the anxiety. Daily exercise and healthy diet are excellent remedies for stress. Those who cannot manage stress themselves can take the help of professional therapists or counselors. The long and short of it is that you need live with stress experience and suffer endlessly for long. Help is always at your disposal.


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