The Dangerous Effect of Stress on the Body

Stress is ubiquitous in our busy lives and it is impossible for an average person to manage and balance stress arising out f work and family life. Stress, along with problems like death, divorce, or earning for an ailing member of the family, can tell upon the body with devastating effect. A challenging time of life needs a proper understanding of the effects of stress on the body and how to get relief from stress.

Protecting your mental health

The effects of stress on the mental plane of the individual, is no less significant than those on the body. Judgment and decision making process are affected by stress factor. It prevents clear thought processes and augments a negative perspective. Stress on the body induces forgetfulness and memory lapses making the person inefficient to function during the whole day which adds to the severity of the stress. All your time and energy is consumed by worry and anxiety which is counter productive and harmful in future.

Keeping your body healthy

Besides the mental impact of stress, its physical effects on the body include head aches, backaches, due to muscle tension, digestive problems like nausea and problematic diarrhea for some persons. In addition there can be insomnia and loss of sex drive due to stress. Other signs are chest pains, and palpitation of the heart to suit the “flight or fitht” response of the body to stressful situations. In the long run immune system of the body is affected rendering the person frequently ill.

The safest and the best way to keep stress at bay, is to follow a healthy diet rich in anti oxidants like fruits and vegetables. Anti oxidants repair the damage caused by stress to the body and release more energy and give mental clarity. Regular exercise is another way to cope with muscle tension and mental effects of stress on the body. About just 30 minutes of walking biking or swimming readies your body and mind to face the stress normal in life. Don’t allow the negative effects of stress on your body control your life. Stick to a healthy life style, and get a grip on your stress so that your body and mind can have a smooth sailing through challenging situations happily.


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