Time Management as a Stress Reliever

Time is the scarcest resource in your life. If you cannot manage time, you will not be in a position to manage other things. Time management is capable of either making you or breaking you. Time will not wait for you and it is the most inelastic and scarce resource available to you.

You are aware that your body rhythm or bio-clock is controlling all your activities. You can fully understand your body rhythm and when you couple this with your effective time management by proper prioritising, you can have an effective control over stress.

For effective time management, you must start with prioritising your tasks. You should allocate specific deadline for your tasks. You can also split your tasks into smaller one and you will be able to accomplish smaller tasks well in time.

You should not allow personal calls during your office time and learn to say no to your office calls when you are spending your valuable time with your family. Procrastination is one of the worst time wasters and hence you should not procrastinate. If the job is big or if you cannot handle the task individually, you should delegate the task.

If you analyse, you may find that most of your valuable time is lost or wasted in meetings. Before attending a meeting, be clear in your presentation and have a well-laid out agenda. You must also stick to the agenda and make the meeting a productive one without wasting much time.

You must start doing a small task first and as your energy level goes high, you can start accomplishing tougher tasks. You can apply Japanese kaizen technique for energising your body and go ahead with scheduled tasks.

You will start experiencing stress only when you are not completing the allocated tasks well in time. By proper time management, you may be in a position to complete the tasks and you may even fail to recognise the stress involved.

You will be experiencing the various time periods in a year namely Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Your energy levels also differ depending upon the time phase in a year. Your children grow faster in summer, and your depression level will be very high in winter. You are also adept in handling certain of your jobs in winter than that of spring season. Devise a plan to meet your targets depending upon your energy level during the various periods of nature.

Your daily cycle of activities such as sleep, temperature, blood pressure follow a regular pattern controlled by your bio-clock. You can start doing your routines so as to match with your daily cycle rhythm and you will be surprised to find that you are able to complete the tasks with ease.

You cannot avoid stress altogether and you only manage stress and lessen the effects of stress. So, time management is stress management.


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