Thinking through Legs - A Viable Stress Reliever

Stress was prevalent in older days and our forefathers also experienced stress in their life. Even the Neanderthal man also faced stress during his time. For survival, he has to hunt for food, and in the process he may come across few ferocious animals. Fight or Flight is the only two options available to him.


In a stressed situation, your body's defense mechanism prepares you for the situation by releasing hormones. Your body also releases energy based on your psychological perception about the stressful situation. You may be aware that your body is constantly releasing energy in a form of charged particles. In your positive attitude, your body will be releasing positively charged energy and in a negative attitude situation, your body will be releasing negatively charged energy. This energy level stays around you and influences your thoughts and acts accordingly.

In the event of your un managed stressful situation, the energy level around you will be with negatively charged particles and you may not be in a position to channelise the stress in a correct manner. Under stressful situation if you can control your mind-body reaction in a positive way, then you may be in a position to confront the stress or the issues directly. It may not also be possible for you to manage the situation, and under such situation, it is better to go away little from your presently occupied space. In fact, by leaving your presently occupied space, you are actually leaving the energy area filled with negatively charged particles.

After you move away from the negative area, your mind-body mechanism slowly comes out of the negative charge and start preparing you in rightful manner for managing the issues. It may also be possible that you may not be able to take some correct decisions, if you are under the influence of other people's negatively charged area created due to the effect of stress in others.


Walking has been proved as a best stress reliever. Walking, in fact, will also assist you to have a clear thought and thereby assist you to take right decisions at the right time. As you walk, you slowly open your thought process and start exploring the cause of your mind turmoil. You also try to figure out whether the turmoil has come from within you or influenced by others.

As you keep walking, you will come out of your negative emotions and start the process of finding solution to the problem or the stressful situation. Regular walking also improves your physical well being and makes you stronger with better physical and mental discipline.

So, when you are stressed, be first to think through legs-Flight; then you may start walking process and you can come out with a beautiful solution for the problem.


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