Different Types of Stress And Its Effect On Our Health

Stress is a major problem in today’s life. A disturbed mind denotes stress, which is turn, is bad for health. Stress can affect a person in two different ways. They are-

Effects of Stress

• Physiological Effects of Stress: When you are under stress, you feel fatigue and weak. There might be a sudden rise in your heartbeat, blood pressure and respiration rate. You start taking small and fast breaths. In chronic cases, stress may lead to indigestion, insomnia, loss of memory, confusion and other ailments.

• Psychological Effects of Stress: Your mood will be low, your thinking process gets affected and you seem to be in a confused state. Fear of unknown things may also crop up because of stress. Many mental disorders originate from stress. You may need medical help to overcome these symptoms. Stress is purely an emotional factor and deal with it with perseverance and determination. The sooner you manage to get rid of it, the better it is for your overall health.

Types of Stress

As already stated, stress can be both positive and negative. We shall see an example, which is likely to cause both types of stress.

Consider arrival of a newborn into the family for example. This event can lead to both positive and negative stress. First, when you hear the news of baby’s birth, you will be over excited, adrenaline levels will increase and there will be a rise in your heartbeat as well. These are the symptoms of stress, but it is positive because it gives you happiness.

However, after the child’s birth, several questions might arise in your mind as a responsible parent. For instance, “Will I be able to take care of the child without compromising my career? Can I be a good parent? How can I bring up the child successfully?” So on and so forth. This type of stress can be termed as negative stress because you are thinking too much and it will affect your thought and action process.

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