Some Simple Exercises and Other Ways to Combat Stress

Stress plays a major role in this modern world and it is very necessary that each person copes up with this stress. Exercise is one of the ways to battle stress.

Exercise has the capacity to fight with stress releasing hormones like cortisol and helps to increase the endorphins, which release a feel good factor. An exercise regime will be a deviation from your daily routine and will help you to channelize your energies in a positive way. Physical fitness improves your stamina levels, which in turn will help you to perform your tasks more efficiently. You feel energetic and light after a proper exercise routine.

Choose your exercise plan based on your stamina. Low intensity exercises are walking, yoga and swimming. Playing football, running, jumping and jogging come under the purview of high intensity exercises.

Whatever form of exercise you may choose, continue it with lot of perseverance and determination. Slowly once it becomes a habit, you can permanently include exercise in your daily life and reap the benefits.

Along with exercise, breathing techniques like ‘pranayama’ will benefit your health. Slow, deep breaths calm your mind and have a soothing effect. Learn these techniques through a qualified practitioner. If you practice them every day along with an exercise regime, you can see positive results within a few days.

Engage in Philanthropic Activity

If you get involved with any organization that caters to the needs of the poor people in the society like orphans, old people left without any attention in old age homes then you will start understanding the importance of life and how your services are valuable to the people out there. You may initially spend an hour or two per week for any philanthropic activity and then increase your involvement for the cause. You also get lot of satisfaction in addressing the needs of others. This self-satisfaction influences your overall well-being.

Read Good Books

Books are as man’s best friends. You can improve your knowledge by reading various genres of books. When your mind is choked with emotions, try to read some of the self-help books available. They will lift your spirits and imbibe lot of self-confidence in you. The habit of reading books should be developed right from childhood so that it becomes a part of your everyday life. Books inspire you and give you relief.

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