4 Useful Tips for Managing Stress

Though stress is an emotional response to the outside world, all stressful experiences are not bad. A few, however pose a challenge. Any stressful experience for a prolonged period of time is a case of distress whatever type of stress it may be. Stress management is thus a very significant thing for our health. Here are a few useful tips.

Avoid stressful situations

The first and most important tip for coping with stress is to understand when and how to come away from stressful situations. By avoiding stressful situations you can effectively manage your negative emotions in their high level quite successfully. Those who fail to remove themselves from stressful situations have to suffer intense stress levels.

Set your priorities

Setting priorities and an effective time management helps you reach your goal smoothly. By undertaking multiple tasks at the same time you become confused and cannot finish any of the tasks with in the deal line. This is the reason why you have to prioritize your daily work. By proper and effective time management, the amount of stress impinging on you is very much less at the end of the day.

Positive self talk

For managing your stress, another effective and efficient means is to have a positive self affirmation or positive self talk. Generally, stressful situations being out only negative thoughts like the remarks” it’s impossible for me to meet the dead line” or “I am worthless”. These negative statements worsen the situation. Negative self talk helps only to heighten and increase the level of stress whereas positive self affirmation can deal with the situation in a very effective manner.

Practice deep Breathing and relaxation technique

Any stressful situation leads to subconscious shallow breathing. But deep diaphragmatic breathing relaxes the individual as well as the mind. There is thus an effective management of stress. Besides this, holistic pattern of breathing helps in rejuvenating our mind, body and soul. Catch this golden opportunity, select a quite place and sit either with folded legs or lie down on a bed and start diaphragmatic breathing deeply. Make use of mental imagery, and breath slowly, which will surely calm you down.

Try water therapy

The effect of water on us is really magnificent. We enjoy warm and cool baths along with drinking water. Mix 2 to 3 drops of aromatherapy essential oil in your bathing water for a refreshing bath. Slowly splash the water all over your body. Let your mind be relaxed while bathing you can also relax your mind ideally through a bubble bath.

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