Chemical Stress Test – Do You Really Need That

Though stress is a very serious and common problem in the world, excess of it, left untreated, may become dangerous and prove fatal in the end. A variety of health disorders or ailments will result on account of stress and the best thing to do is to have a chemical stress test.

What is a chemical stress test?

The capacity of a person to handle different stressful conditions and their short and long term effects are tested though this chemical stress test. Among the physical effects that can be assessed by this test are, increased heart rate increased blood pressure, increased acidity and increased bowel movements.

In this test, besides studying the images of resting and stressed heart, a radioactive substance is injected in to the patient. With the concentration of the substance in the heart, images of the heart are taken with a gamma camera used to record the still pictures. Later these pictures are analyzed to determine the functional and structural integrity of the heart.

Preparing for the test

Proper preparation for the chemical test is extremely significant. You should not eat or drink anything before the chemical stress test. This is to reduce the nausea likely that follows strenuous exercise after a heavy meal. You should also avoid taking any prescription medications, only after consulting the doctor. A sudden stoppage of such medications can be dangerous, if done abruptly, depending upon the drug.

A chemical stress test will be between two to four hours, the first part taking about an hour and the second part taking about half an hour to forty five minutes.

In the future

What ever may be the case, the results of the chemical stress test should be dealt with seriously. Most significantly, you should avoid stress to the best possible extent and relax and be at ease. Reserve certain time specifically during the day for positive relaxation by planning and looking forward to it. You can even go for relaxation programmes like Yoga or meditation.

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