6 Different Types of Herbal Stress Relief

The per capita stress in the Unites is ever increasing at an alarming rate along with heart ailment and diabetes pressure builds up with increased stress and you feel like exploding. This once again raises the level of stress.

Don’t worry about things beyond your control. Make a note of things on a pad beside your bed and get id of those issues which causes sleeplessness in you. Thus you can hae a good nights sleep.

Among the wide variety of stress remedies are Yoga, acupuncture, weight training, aerobic exercise, massage, meditation, low fat natural diet, colon flushes and herbal remedies.

Types of herbal stress relief

Kava, the popular herbal stress relief, beverage has spread quickly through US, Europe, Japan, and China and has been used in traditional ceremonies of the pacific islanders for the past 3000 years. Kava, though non alcoholic, produces the same high relaxation and happiness and is used as a herbal stress relief.

Valerian, the medicinal herb has been in use since the time of ancient Greece. It is relief herbal for insomnia convulsions, migraine head aches and pain.

Hops- is a very effective stress reliever for restlessness and anxiety. Since time immemorial it has been used as a sleeping aid and added to tea. It has a natural compound called xanthohumol that protects the prostate, breast and stomach cancers.

Passion flower- or “calming Herb” treats stomach bloating, stress and anxiety. Its leaves, stems and flowers have medicinal value. It is popularly called “the crown of thorns” as its corona resembles the crown of thorns worn by Jesus during the crucifixion.

Lemon balm- a member of the mint family has been used for stress relied from the middle ages. It was immersed in wine to buoy the spirits of people.

Marijuana-is a stress relief herb used for centuries to treat stress, anxiety, digestion, insomnia, nausea. It is now legalized and called a miracle drug. This has the distinction of being the oldest form of herbal stress relief in the world.

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