Internal Rate of Realisation for Stress Management

Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is the yardstick applied to know the profitability of any project. When it comes to stress, the same IRR-read as Internal Rate of Realisation, can play a vital role in deciding your ability to manage stress.

Your search for an effective stress management tool is still going on and you have come to a stage where you realised that complete eradication of stress is not possible at all. In today's environment, you cannot eradicate stress in its entirety and hence, the word stress management came into existence.

After your search for an effective stress management tool outside, you can now turn your search internally for finding an effective stress management strategy. When all the outside tools failed, the tool that lies at your soul level can lend a helping hand in managing your stress.

The golden saying is that you cannot satisfy all the people all the time. Likewise, you cannot have a life devoid of any stress and a life without any stress can never exist. Only two persons can never experience is yet to be born and the other one is already dead.

With your age progressing, all your exposures and experiences get instilled as wisdom in you. If you look back your life and the events that unfolded, you will always wonder why you did not have all your present day wisdom in those days? You will find that time is the best teacher and more the life's pinches you receive, more will be your willingness to face your life boldly.

Stress will start showing its tentacle the moment you apply your expectation on an available task. Instead you can start accepting the fact or tasks as such and try to achieve excellence instead of perfection. Excellence is positive mind attitude and you should always strive for excellence in your tasks without attaching any perfection angle to it.

Nobody is perfect in this world and you are not an exception. You should know your abilities and limitations and be able to strike a balance in assessing your performance level. You need not develop any ill feeling if you are not able to complete a task and it will be better not to try the task at all instead of trying and failing, which may throw more stress on you.

There are situations that can be controlled and cannot be controlled. You should develop your understanding towards those situations and try not to indulge in correcting situations that are not controllable otherwise. You can develop a broad mind set not to interfere with nature and start accepting things as such without thrusting your expectation over it. Such an attitude will go a long way in making you a 'stress proof'.


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