Teenagers Stress – How to Help Them

Childhood freedom and joy very soon disappear during adolescence and become a period of stressful experience due to physical and emotional changes in their teenage years and the pressure of society in excess. Many teenagers are the victims of severe stress led depression, anxiety and suicide.

Parents and adults are unable to understand and sympathize with their stress struggle as they do not know the causes. Moreover there are multiple biological changes in the adolescents within a short span of time and what was easy for them becomes very difficult now. Every one is now very much concerned about teenagers and stress as the consequences are dangerous and severe. The causes for stress are also common.

Setting the standard

For psychology and counseling, teenagers and stress is a popular topic. Teenagers are unable to cope with simple problems and even a tragic event becomes devastating. An average adolescent has to deal with stress risk daily at home and school. In addition he has family problems, financial problems, little time and many activities to attend to.

These external problems are too much to match internal changes that result in a break under pressure far less than that on an adult. Parents and teachers should understand the stress problem of the teenager lest it will be catastrophic and deadly. An unexpected death of a loved one, a divorce, a chronic illness will lead to anxiety, withdrawal, aggression, drug abuse and even suicide.

Teenagers cannot deal with such emotional stress situation along with their struggle with day to day life. Self control strategies for stress relief like counting to ten, or taking deep breaths can quickly bring down their smaller anxieties. This will prepare them to face bigger anxiety problems safely through talking or emoting against self injury. Adults must intervene between teenagers and stress and work to prevent the problem instead of judging the result of their actions.

The very presence of the teachers and parents can solve the problem of teenagers and stress through monitoring their behavior, health and understanding their emotions. They can listen, support and good adolescents to take part in sports and other activities or any thing that distracts them form their anxieties and stress. Significantly they can assist teenagers in finding their own self control strategies through exercise or other relaxation skills. Thus we can say that the presence of adults like parents and teachers is sine-quo-non for teenagers to cope with stress ensuring that they are not lost on the way.

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