Learn How You can Master the Art of Meditation Really Easy

Meditation, which is known to humankind even from time immemorial, is being practiced for getting your mind and body relaxed. Once you start your meditation practice with intent, you can derive benefits in the way of relaxed body and mind and with increase in focus and concentration. Further, you can also develop greater awareness and a positive outlook in all your life’s activities.

Though you may find meditation synonymous with monks, mystics and other spiritual disciplines, there is no necessity or reason that you should not practice meditation. Similarly, you need not be a monk or follow any specific spiritual discipline to practice meditation and what you all need is nothing but an interest and intention, and of course a nice place to sit and meditate.

There is more than one approach in meditation, but the very basic or the fundamental principles are same. Meditation aims at destruction of negative thoughts and stabilizes your wandering thoughts and this is considered as the very base or the fundamental idea on which the whole of meditation was built. Further, by removing the unwanted negative thoughts and fixing your concentration on one point, you stand to gain a mind that will allow you to focus and use all your best abilities for further development.

For instance, ever noisy surroundings, your opportunistic boss or the unanticipated penalty ticket you just received for jumping the signal – all will do its job of contributing to your negative thoughts and start polluting your mind unfavorably. However, once you start off with your meditation techniques you will be able to ward off almost all your negative attitudes or thoughts and once you cleanse your mind, meaningful thoughts will make its way into your mind and benefit you immensely.

Few experienced meditation practitioners were also able to perform a total cut-off from their surroundings by shutting off their sensory receptors such as hearing, seeing and tactile senses. They are also capable of staying detached from the outside world and keep attached with only profound thoughts of a higher sense. Whenever you try your initial meditation lessons and try to stay clear form all your senses such as hearing or seeing, you may find it difficult and never be able to fix your thoughts.

However, after experiencing some difficulty at initial stages, you may slowly train your mind and senses to keep off from the illusion and stay concentrated on your inner peace. Whenever you see people doing meditation with some difficult postures, you may even wonder whether such positions could be done or practiced by you too. But, take our word that the meditation need not necessarily be the same way as you have seen in the television show.

There is no necessity for you to sit with your back arched or to stand on one leg for practicing meditation. You can do meditation by simply sitting comfortably in any of your rooms and when it comes to sitting, you can choose any posture that may make you to feel comfortable. As you progress in your controlling your mind, you can do your meditation practice even while walking or standing or even by sitting with your legs crossed.

Just feel free to choose a pose that would assist you to relax and have focus. The only recommendation is that you should hold your back straight while sitting or standing as any slouching or slumping posture may make you feel sleepy. With regard to clothes that you can wear, literally there is no restriction, however please ensure that your clothes are comfortable and airy so as not to hinder with your meditation in any way.

Again when it comes to the place for doing your meditation, it can be anything right from your living room to your private office room. The main idea here is to ensure that you are comfortable where you are and once you move up in the meditation ladder, you can choose your own place or even design a room to suit your tastes so that you can do your meditation with some high level meditation postures.

As far as possible try to make your place silent when you start off with your meditation, as silence is the very key for relaxation and focus. Choose a place that is silent and is devoid of any telephone or a roadside window so that you do not get disturbed by unexpected calls or honks. A mild scented incense stick or an aromatic candle can really uplift your mood to continue with your meditation without any break.

You might have also seen the monks making some sound syllables when you watch them on a TV, and they nothing but few mantras or slokas with unexplained mystic values and are known to extend and enhance one’s meditation experience. However, again, there is no need for you to know these mantras or slokas for doing your meditation, because they are meant for a higher level of meditation and you will automatically get to know them as you move up in the ladder with your initial meditation practiced with a regular breathing rhythm.

Focus is the main crux of meditation and hence, to start with you can start meditating with your eyes open and fixed on any object before you. Slowly you can also train your mind to focus on a thought in the place of the object on which you have focussed your sight. For instance, while focussing your view on a picture, preferably a picture of your liking, you can focus your though on any part of your body, say your heart, and focus your consciousness on that part of body.

As you gain some kind of expertise in keeping the posture and thought process fixed, you will begin to feel that you have started shedding some stress from your body and as well as from your mind. You can also hasten the process by mentally figuring or visualizing that you are shedding the stress out of your body and mind and this can work wonders much to your surprise and anticipation.

Meditation is regarded as one of the risk-free techniques for developing an overall well being and when you consider the immense benefits that you can derive from meditation, then you will consider it as the best ever technique in the whole of universe.

Many studies that were conducted to ascertain the benefits of meditation unanimously came out with the same results of benefits that a meditation could bring in or shower on a person. Many corporates have even introduced meditation sessions during working hours so as to see their employees gaining better mind-body health and it is also highly possible that in future meditation may take a totally different angle and be the only mantra for the total well being of human community.

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