Your Self Improvement is Just a 7 Step Journey

Many times you would have watched with awe your favorite celebrities in TV shows, but you may never think why such high-flying people also miserably fail when it comes to their married life? You consider all celebrities to be persons of flawlessly high caliber individuals with all the life’s necessities, but you may not understand what makes them to break their family life or commit suicides?

What you actually see is only outwardly makeup of people, but only your internal makeup alone could confer you with happiness and success. All these days you have kept your head stuck up high in clouds and never bothered to look into your self, the very base or the foundation of you.

In your life’s journey, you may come across many frustrating or catastrophic events but you must have conviction as not to lose your self or the self-esteem over it and try to tide over the situation with a firm resolve.

How to achieve this and stay a cut above all the rest of the population? Just undertake this 7-step journey to reach your self-improvement goal fast and easy.

1. Understand Your Very Purpose of Existence

Do you really know where you stand in your life or just keep wandering without knowing your place and the destination? What is your need in your life? Is it your health or rich or recognition or fulfillment? At the first instance try to understand yourself, the very purpose or your life and precisely pinpoint your needs in life. Identify what you would like to be after 20 years and start working towards achieving that goal.

Initially you may find yourself in a tight spot when you fail or find difficulty in achieving your target, but as you keep your faith you are bound to find alternative ways that could turn things the way you want them and ultimately you will achieve what you have set your mind to.

2. Make Your Values Dear to your Heart

Identify few values that you consider precious in your life and stick to them come what may. For instance you can think of 5 good values such as buying a car, securing your son’s future, freedom of option, spiritual development, securing a master’s degree, etc., and give a reasonable period of, say, 5 to 10 years to achieve this. Hold all these values dear to your heart and never compromise on things that could dilute your values.

As you check your progress in reaching your other goals, try to evaluate your progress in reaching your values too. If you find yourself not nearing your values, then change your strategy or work more aggressively and intently so as to reach your values fast. Further, if any of your other goals contradict your set values, try to reconsider your goals so as to make it fall in line with your values.

Give all your efforts so as to see you getting more than what you have dreamt and rest not till you reach your destination.

3. Sort Your Needs Out

More than your successes, it is your trivial failures that bog you down more. By aspiring for many things you actually lose the very utility of things you have now. Try to take care of yourself and appreciate what you possess at present. Identify your needs based on your requirement and once you identify them then work constantly to get those aspirations fulfilled within a reasonable time.

4. Develop Passion for Life

It is your life you are presently living and hence you should develop a passion for your life. Acknowledge what you are today and feel happy for things that made you to reach your present level. Try to enjoy your every moment and treat the obstacles as a stepping stone because without which you can never reach up and live your life fully. Once you start seeing your obstacles as shortfall or as a curse, then from that point onwards your life will get derailed and you may never reach your destination. Keep the thought s of people who inspired you much and march on in your life to achieve things.

5. Your Inner Beauty Matters

More than your outward physical beauty, it is your inner beauty that matters most and it is this inner beauty that makes you to project a positive attitude in the world. Be aware of your inner self and get guided by your own wisdom. Take time to sit in a place of silence and turn all your thoughts and mind inwardly in search of your real self and soul. Learn to live amicably with nature.

Practice few breathing exercises to get yourself refreshed and to get your concentration power improved. Though it may not be possible for you to find a quiet place for you to sit and organize your thoughts, once you gain expertise you will find all places to be fine and fit for doing your breathing and mind exercises. .

6. Identify and Foster Your Strengths

Analyze all your traits and categorize them as positive and negative. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Now have wisdom to remove all your negative thoughts and foster only your strengths. It is also likely that you may have a very special talent and the same may also turn out to be your strength too. First identify and list three of your strengths and if you find it difficult to do that seek help from others especially from your close friends.

Ask few questions such as “am I imaginative?” or “do I bother at trivial matters?” Seek genuine answer for these questions and this will help you to identify your strengths in an authenticated manner. Share your strengths with others and you can improve your self-confidence better.

7. Serve Your World

You are a member of a society and owe all your successes to the society you live in. Hence have gratitude and try to help others and try to use all your resources for the betterment of your society. Develop a sense of being and this can further help you to identify yourself with the society more. Render all your services with a true spirit and without an iota of selfishness and you can see your life taking a positive turn towards happiness and contentment.

Self-improvement is the watchword or the password for your journey to happiness and fulfillment. You cannot find self-improvement from outside world, but it has to manifest from you and within you. Develop a yearning to improve upon your self and you can change for certain and better.

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