Useful Tips To Outwit Procrastination

You know you have to do the project looming over your head causing you undue stress and anxiety. But for some inexplicable reason you are unable to take the first step in commencing the job, you are now a victim of procrastination and to avoid it you have to face your challenge head on and plough through it.

Meet it squarely its face. Though this is easier said than done, with a few keys at your diaposal you can finish the job in time.

Step one: Chunk Work Into Small Fractions

Divide the project in to small, manageable parts and write down an action plan jolting down all the steps needed to be completed. Let this be as simple and straight wad s possible.

Break the entire project in to easy to complete pieces. Thus the project will be seen as a serious of smaller steps rather than a giant leap to the finish.

Make lists of supplies needed for each step and estimate the time you take to complete them. This breaking down is a great technique to overcome procrastination.

Step two: Plan And Fix A Deadline

After you write the plan, schedule each of the small steps to see progress and complete your project and to avoid procrastination. Steps need be in no more than 30 minute increments to make them appear less challenging and easier to fit in to the rest of your day.

Fix up a time or date to complete each step to, keep yourself on track, check off and see what progress you have made. This helps in checking procrastination.

Step three: Understand That Only Practice Makes A Man Perfect!

Don’t be disappointed at your imperfection. The rest of the people are also sailing in the same boat. Perfectionism often can sabotage your efforts at overcoming procrastination.

A few people are so afraid that they cannot complete a project without a flaw. They won’t complete the project at all, say good bye to perfectionism and understand that the work you do is the best for you absolutely.

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