What Is Wrong With Procrastination

A heap of clean laundry for folding is put off, a big project at school-these are clearly the techniques of procrastination. Every person has experienced it at one time or other in his life. While a few advantages are there, what are the disadvantages of procrastination?

Procrastination can be defined as calculated inactivity, putting off things to a later date, postponing an undesirable activity indefinitely. Procrastination is prevalent at school, at home and almost in all the spheres of life. The very few advantages in procrastination may be termed as god sent.

It is better to pinpoint the disadvantages of procrastination though people generally are aware of them. The reality of the awareness will shake the person to realize his complacency and understand none is going to give him any responsibility.

Distresses Due To Procrastination

Students will have several sleepless nights to answer questions on the disadvantages of procrastination. They will miss a deadline and even get a failing grade. While at work it is the case of missed deadlines and bad reviews on performance.

Procrastination affects family time as you put off previously planned outings to complete a project you should have done before. Your mood and concentration are badly affected by the severe stress on your mind. Lack of relaxation is another disadvantage as this cloud is hanging over your head and you let yourself and others down.

Young persons are less likely to procrastinate as it is not ingrained in to their mind. Older people find it extremely difficult to overcome the ailment because of terrible stress. Procrastination can be properly handled if only you recognize that it is a problem in your life.

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