What Is Behind All This Procrastination

There are a number of reasons for procrastination affecting a large number of people to day. To a small extent it can be tolerated and suffered but in excess, it becomes worrisome and a major cause in, affecting work as well as family relations.

Understand The Main Reasons To Prevent The Vicious Procrastination

In finding out the cause for procrastination a major step is taken in diagnosing why people procrastinate, identifying the problems, and over coming further aggravation of the problems. The simplest reason, for procrastination is that people think it is worthwhile to procrastinate if the job is too difficult to do.

Another reason is that people think they take too much time to perform the task and they cannot spare such time. Hence they procrastinate. If the task is split in to smaller goals it can be done better and easily too and completed in less time. Thus the job is not only done but procrastination avoided.

Lack of awareness, skills and knowledge about the task to be performed is a major cause of procrastination. This is the source of many doubts in the individual and he thinks he is unequal to the task on hand which results in procrastination.

Being a perfectionist, the person is unable to do the job on time.

The delay is caused because of his desire for perfection and to see that every thing is perfect. This is another important reason for procrastination. So if the planning is imperfect or the environment not right, there is procrastination until the perfectionist feels that every thing is perfect and in place.

Whatever may be the causes of procrastination once they are known or found, it is very easy to surmount the problem and reduce the risk of procrastination for ever.

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