What is Stress – Some Facts

The changing life styles of people all around the globe has resulted in many adverse effects, one of the most prominent being stress. Stress may be positive or negative. For example, during exam times you have a stress to prepare well for the exam, perform well and gain good marks. This is an instance of positive stress because you will be benefited by the result. Stress is seen in a negative sense if it results in the damage of your emotional and physical health. Most of us are victims of stress in one form or the other.

Stress is seen in different age groups. Nowadays even a child in kindergarten faces several challenges and expectations from parents and teachers. If you pressurize your child to learn more than his capacity, then the child’s psyche gets affected and in the end, he may not be able to perform at all. That is one manifestation of stress.

Stress mostly depends on the psychology of the individual. If you are a calm and relaxed person then you will take things in a normal way. However, if your temperament is different and you start getting irritated even by a small disturbance, then you are more likely to get affected by stress. The stress you undergo in emotional or critical situations is understandable and you will slowly recover within a period. Nevertheless, if you are over stressed then the recovery time will increase and you may have to go through a rough patch.

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