Can Mental Makeup work as a Stress Reliever?

Stress management is the need of the hour. However hard you may try to cope with it, your life will start giving stress to you in a varied format regularly. You can never get rid of your stress totally, as stress is known to create mind-body disorders and anxiety in you on an ongoing basis. Hence, you may well appreciate that stress can only be managed through some built in effective response systems and cannot be avoided altogether.

First and foremost mindset that you can have is differentiating the stress as controllable and non-controllable. For example, you cannot control the severe heat in peak summer and you may only resort to some means by which you can reduce heat in your living area or work area. Your magnanimous attitude towards controllable and uncontrollable stressors will go a long way in your effort to reduce the effects of your stress.

You will be able to handle the stress more effectively when you encounter the stress voluntarily. Further, under a fair stressful situation, you tend to perform in a positive way, provided how you take the stress in your mind. If the stress is taken as an opportunity, then you can excel in your performance, thereby handling the stress in your favour.

By adopting a humorous attitude towards your life, you will certainly get an edge over others in handling your stress. Your sense of humour will enable you to accept and appreciate any of the stressful situations as such, without thrusting your opinion or views over the situation. By developing such mental makeup, you can stop the damage that stress is capable of doing to your immune system. Thus, your body’s natural and original immune system will help in reducing the effects of your stress.

Under stress, your mind will trigger secretion of adrenaline, which in turn release cortisol in your blood stream. Your humorous attitude will make you to laugh even at your own stressful situations. And when you laugh, the damaging cortisol level will drop in your blood and there will be an increase of endorphins, a natural painkiller. By the time you finish your tasks under such situation, you would have, in fact, involuntarily handled a very stressful situation without even identifying it as stressful.

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