A Positive Approach To Procrastination

According to Calvin Coolidge, the president of the United States, Procrastination is calculated inactivity a wait and see attitude. He points out that many persons have benefitted from these attitudes.

For those with the negative trait of putting off things that can be done immediately, the idea of benefit is a foreign concept. A few people, however, have realized the benefits of procrastination when it did not spoil the family or work relationship.

Millions of people at Christmas shopping in summer may miss out on the spectacular shopping in summer may miss out on the spectacular sales at the retailer’s in the last week before the holiday.

Waiting until the last minute benefits in the form of great sale prices and higher savings on the shopping spree. Some times an improper decision taken without proper consideration of all aspects will have to revert back to the original plan.

Many companies, given to quick change of directions and shoot aim attitude, revert back to their original plans. If you take time to analyze thoroughly the delay can be very positive. Thus procrastination can be beneficial.

Stress Can Be A Good Motivator Too!

According to authors and news paper reporters, they work better under the pressure of a deadline. Procrastination helps them in providing a better thought out plot or a more active story line.

The effect of stress can be positive sometimes but you should consider if the amount of stress in making the deadline is worth missing the dealing completely.

Another benefit of procrastination thought of, is, that where the person puts off a particular hard task, he is busy performing other tasks. Instead of writing a report he focuses on cleaning the desks, sharpening pencils, or other mundane task until they start the report.

Thus, in this, context, the benefits of procrastination are cleaning of desks and sharpening of pencils. Though important work is the first priority, small things are also to be done sometimes.

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