All At Risk - The Worker, His Employers And The Business

Procrastinating workers should somehow come out if its strong grip lest they will suffer long term and dire consequences. The employers are also affected by lost work costing a lot of money and delays in completing the tasks. Workers not completing their assignments on time run the risk of losing their jobs and create a lot of problems to the employers.

The Reason Behind Procrastination

Though the worker hope to do their duty properly and finish their work to get promotions and rewards, procrastination may affect them and deprive them of all the benefits envisaged. The reason may be that you are not good at your work and cannot get it done on time.

Probably you are a bad manager of time and do not know how to allocate your tasks best to get them completed on target. You may also lack concentration and focus on trivial and unimportant things to become a procrastinator.

Outside influence distracts workers who procrastinate. Ringing of telephones, listening to other peoples conversation, doing trivial work that does not require great brain are effective enough for procrastination.

People who procrastinate are generally those who have a very low esteem of themselves. They have negative thoughts and consider themselves under achievers, who cannot succeed in any endeavour. To avoid these short comings they tend to procrastinate.

To overcome their problem they should admit that they have all the symptoms of procrastination like fear, anxiety for finishing the work and stop brooding over their problems. They should take a note of their own strengths and be positive besides developing a ‘can do’ attitude. They should learn devices of time management and decide about the priority of task to be done and relax in between tasks and get energized.

Simple changes in attitudes and working habits can transform procrastinating workers in to productive, efficient, and time conscious personnel again to the delight and satisfaction of the employer.

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