Are You A Victim Of Procrastination? – Find Out!

It is always best to realize procrastination and then follow a few tips on how to recognize and prevent it-so that you can carry on with things without putting them off. Don’t let procrastination to lead to serious consequences.

Do You Evade Silent Complaints?

You look around others to know if you are procrastinating. Your wife just wants you to take out the trash. She does not want to make life miserable for you.

Your boss asks if you have done the report but is not picking on you. You have been putting off things until the last minute. Your kids don’t whine when they ask you to fix their bike for the hundredth time. They want it to be done before they grow up. Understand the emotions of others and respond to their needs right away.

Many Items In Your To-Do List?

Look at your ‘to do’ list. Has it many small things to do instead of the project or task you need to do. If it is so avoid all those small things and plunge in to the main task and complete it with out waiting for the others.

Is Your Work Always On Piles?

Piling up of work is an indication of procrastination. You have not done anything to make the long list look shorter. Probably you are glued to the in box on the computer. These signs are serious and reflect procrastination which should be recognized.

Time To Stop Procrastinating

Having thus recognized procrastination, the next thing is to over come it by finding out the reason for doing so. Next keep away from all temptations o procrastinate-computer solitaire, emails, chat rooms, video games and TV. Do all these things decidedly with religious zeal. You can always go back to all the above things after you have done the main task.

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